Capital Markets, Public Listing and Investment Law

Capital Markets, Public Listing and Investment Law

  • Private Placement
  • Collective Investment Scheme/ Grower Plot Plan
  • Capital Markets/ Securities
  • Investment Law
  • Public Listing Regulation

L Y Lu & Co has positioned itself and strives to be the premier private equity and mezzanine fund practice in Malaysia and Asia region. The Firm’s tremendous industry knowledge on the area practice stem from representations of various private equity arrangements since 10 years ago, and has evolved over the years of practice of the partners and associates of the Firm. The practice has a long- standing relationship with top private equity firms and private investors, which it represented recently in forming a fund focused on large-scale investments in IT and agriculture sectors.

Recent highlights for the Firm include forming a grower scheme for an oil palm plantation project undertaken in Indonesia, raising approximately RM988,000,000.00 (USD314 million) and assisting a biotechnology corporation with a view to apply for listing in KL Stock Exchange.

The Firm has also acted for a number of eminent small and medium enterprises on private equity arrangements with the view of undertaking IPO in short term.

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